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Track & Report on Real-time JIRA Progress

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Our JIRA integration is now publicly available! Wizeline customers can integrate their product plans with projects in JIRA, link JIRA issues to Wizeline features, and see rolled-up progress reports at the feature, release, product, and initiative levels. Read more below or in our blog, and check us out in the Atlassian Marketplace!

We’ve added some new reporting options, including reports by status (# of issues complete vs. total) and by estimate (# of points completed vs. total), so you can track things that might not have point estimates, like mocks that your design¬†team is working on.

You can connect any given product in Wizeline to one or more projects in JIRA for high level views of work across different projects or teams, and drill in to a feature for full detail of what’s mapped to it from JIRA – and even click through to go to JIRA if the need arises.

Reach out to our team today to give it a try yourself.

JIRA reporting in the roadmap

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