Be empowered to deliver wins

We believe in data-driven development supported by technology. We focus on projects where we have built reusable technologies so you can get your products to market faster.

Deliver wins with technology

We believe that teams deliver the best results. You will work with Wizeline Pods of engineers that mitigate development risk and increase the chances of success for your products.

Wins feel good

Hire and train the best. We have a global network of professionals that have been trained and accredited by the Wizeline Academy program. We focus on training our teams in the latest technologies, user models and software development methodologies.

Wizeline PPM and Agile development best practices insure the success of your products.

We make wins happen by collaborating closely with your team

Step 1

Know Your Market

Your customers and market are the best source of information when determining how to develop software that drives results. The challenge: there’s more data, and the market moves faster, than ever before. Wizeline offers access to the people, processes and technology needed to build software not on what you believe — but what you know.

Step 2

Team-Based Trust

Trust is a key ingredient to our success. We don’t just write code — our team is a trusted partner in product delivery. We work closely with your team to deliver complete software, while sharing best practices on agile development, machine learning, user experience design, DevOps, documentation and more.

Step 3

Move at Startup Speed

When you have a deeper understanding of your market and a trusted partner in full-stack software development, you can deliver high-quality software wins at startup speed.

Full-Stack Development Pods: Our Proven Model

5 Experyt Engineers

Big enough to move mountains, small enough to move fast

1 Project Manager

Responsible for active communication and milestone tracking

1 Product Design & UX

Brings user-first design with global impact

1 Technical Writer

Clear documentation to enable consistency and repeatability

Process That Adjusts To Your Environment

Work with a team that adjusts to your process. Our default methodology is a mixture of Lean, delivering high volumes of features consistent with user/market feedback, and Agile, delivering new features experiment with new markets or user sets for engagement.

Work with a team that adjusts to your process

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