At Wizeline, we understand the critical nature of security and confidentiality around your product plans. With that in mind, the security of our customers’ data is an uncompromised priority.

Security has been integrated into the architecture, policies, and procedures of Wizeline at the platform, infrastructure, application, and operational levels. Read on to learn about Wizeline’s security-minded design, access controls, change management, and other security mechanisms.


Platform Security

Wizeline deploys industry-standard security practices in its platform and extends them to data storage in a hardened cloud environment. Wizeline employs a services architecture where multiple applications interact with Wizeline services to enable the data-informed decision making that our customers need. Every application communicates over HTTP using SSL/ TLS, and all data is encrypted at rest. This architecture provides robust data processing capabilities while ensuring the privacy and security of your enterprise data.


Infrastructure Security

The Wizeline platform is built and hosted on top of enterprise-ready cloud services from Google. A scalable, distributed computing infrastructure is used to host and manage Wizeline applications. Google provides a robust suite of security features through Google Cloud, which the Wizeline Platform automatically inherits. These features are augmented by specific Wizeline features and policies designed to further secure the platform and its data.


The infrastructure underlying Wizeline is certified to be compliant with the following standards:



SSAE16 / ISAE 3402 Type II: SOC 2


SSAE16 / ISAE 3402 Type II: SOC 3


ISO 27001


PCI DSS v3.0


The Google App Engine also holds FISMA Moderate accreditation. Read more about Google Cloud security here.


Application Security

The Wizeline platform provides a range of application-level security mechanisms that allow you to meet your specific requirements.

Backups are securely stored, encrypted, and archived indefinitely, unless the customer requests that they be deleted. We only store information about our customers’ employees that have logins to the Wizeline platform, and we don’t store personally identifiable information about any of our customers’ end users for any reason.

Each user’s role can be defined and managed, and based on their permission level in each product users have varying pre-defined levels of read and write access. Stringent requirements are in place for user passwords.

We employ common application security prevention measures against issues including: CSRF, injection attacks (XSS, SQLi), session management, URL redirection, and clickjacking.


Organizational Security

Secure operations at Wizeline extend beyond putting the right systems and technologies in place. Our effective security infrastructure is also embedded into our organizational culture and everyday business processes. Access and authentication controls allow fine-grain management of data across through our platform. These tools ensure that even within your own organization, only individuals authorized to see specific data have access to it.

Comprehensive security and business continuity policies are in place, including clear ownership, incident response and disaster recovery procedures, secure hiring practices, employee training, and more.

Need more detail on Wizeline security? Contact our team to understand how the Wizeline Platform can meet your organization’s security requirements.


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