Know more. Win more.

Wizeline helps sales & customer success leaders zero-in on customer needs and win more deals.

  • Know when product features are going to ship
  • Know which leads to call when new features go live
  • Know which missing features are leading to lost deals
  • Show how much revenue new features could unlock

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How Wizeline Works...

Revenue Insights

Focus your org on building the products & features that sell.

Easy Product Requests

Easily submit ideas and requests, and automatically track updates.

Instant Product Updates

Never miss an opportunity to sell with instant, accurate product updates.

New Pipeline Reports

Know which old opportunities to revive when new features go live.

A note from our team

As a sales professional, I need accurate insights into what's selling and what’s not. Wizeline gives me both. If my team is losing deals because the product is missing features or functionality, the platform tells me which deals, what’s missing, and how much revenue is on the line.

The best part is that Wizeline helps my team say "yes" to more customers. Before, if a prospect or customer wanted a feature we didn't have, we'd have to write them off. Now, we can share feature requests with our product team in a way that highlights our company's biggest opportunities.

Once the feature ships, my team is automatically notified and we’re able to reach back out the customer and close the deal.

Wizeline solves so many of the challenges I’ve experienced in past roles. It gives me more of a voice the product planning process. As a result, our organization is prioritizing features that grow sales and increase customer happiness.

I use Wizeline everyday—and I think you should, too.

Trenton Truitt, SVP of Global Sales & Customer Success

Trenton Truitt, SVP of Global Sales & Customer Success

Nick Edwards, CEO of boomtrain

With Wizeline’s product insights, we’ve steadily increased our win rate and grown our average deal size by 20% in two quarters.

Nick Edwards,
CEO of boomtrain

Accelerate Sales & Product Success

Integrate with Salesforce: Wizeline Product Tracker

Product Tracker is a powerful extension to Wizeline’s product intelligence platform. Available in the Salesforce AppExchange, the application gives Sales, Customer Success and other teams a way to meaningfully contribute to product development, helping Product Management understand customer needs and build what customers love, faster.