Above the Scrum

The Executive’s Guide to Agile is designed to help leaders across your organization understand how (and when) to implement agile methodologies at a strategic level. Please share your contact information and we will email you your free copy of The Executive’s Guide to Agile eBook for download. Learn more »

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“Building great products and getting them to market is hard. And no one is immune to bias. But the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. When supported by the right framework and technology, you and your team can identify prevailing pitfalls and take a repeatable, data-informed approach to focus on what matters most.”


Pick your megatrend: Moore’s Law, the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, mobile computing, cloud services, machine learning... No matter what your industry, it’s a safe bet that you’re thinking hard about how digital technologies have the potential to transform your business — or upend it.

“Every industrial company in the coming age is also going to have to be a software and analytics company.” –Jeffrey Immelt

If you’re not making software, maybe you make a product that runs software. Or maybe software runs the machines that make your product, or the internal tools that measure their performance. Or perhaps you’re considering new ways to use software to engage customers, differentiate your brand, improve operational efficiencies or even create new business models.

Download your free “Above the Scrum” eBook!