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Start Big, Iterate Fast

Use Initiatives to quickly create organization-wide objectives that connect multiple teams, products and releases in Wizeline.

Share Clear Plans

Clearly communicate the plan by including its intended business impact, executive sponsors, OKRs — and other considerations unique to your organization.

Enable Collaboration & Alignment

Invite stakeholders to collaborate on the business case for your plan — and gain their buy-in before moving forward.

Automatically Track Progress

Automatically track progress against your strategic initiatives in one place, with accurate high-level updates — and the option to drill into individual teams, products and releases.

Features for Driving Effective Product Strategy Decisions

Wizeline's product strategy and planning tools enable decision-makers to define top market needs and translate high-level strategies into actionable product plans.

Initiatives in Wizeline

Create organization-wide objectives that effectively align multiple teams, products and releases in Wizeline.

Collaborative Planning

Enable stakeholders to collaborate on strategy to finalize plans that are effective, attainable and readily understood across your organization.

Integration with Salesforce

Understand the business impact of each product decision and optimize your plan for revenue, strategic accounts, new-market growth — and more.

Actionable Roadmaps

Promote transparency and alignment, and enable your customer-facing teams to share credible product plans with Wizeline’s visual roadmaps.

Stakeholder Surveys

Enable your team to validate product assumptions and quantify buy-in with Wizeline stakeholder surveys.

Automated Project Tracking

Track performance of your teams in real time, and easily conduct retrospective reviews to see where you met, and fell short, of plan.

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‘The Why’ Behind the Strategy

The information we were able to gather from Wizeline allowed us to clearly identify what every organization deemed as the most important functionality. By knowing what each team wanted, we were able to identify the most important features that needed to be built — but also communicate to the team why certain decisions had been made.


Ricky Sutton,
Head of Video at Fairfax Media

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