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Hundreds of teams use Wizeline roadmaps to enable faster, more-agile product planning

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Gain Clarity

Wizeline gives your team a single place to view clear product plans and get accurate progress updates. No more conflicting versions or confused teammates.

Make Agile Plans

Quickly create your roadmap, and easily make adjustments when changes are necessary — or refine your plan when new information becomes available.

Focus on What Matters

Use information in Wizeline — such as product requests, revenue, survey data and more — to prioritize what matters most to your customers.

Iterate & Improve

Develop an accurate roadmap of record to measure and learn from what worked — and from what didn’t — to support an iterative product development process.

Interactive Product Roadmaps: Feature Highlights

Wizeline’s interactive product roadmaps enable teams to create informed product plans and share them with the right people, with the right amount of detail.

Features Detail View

View the features included in each release, ranked by priority, and click to view feature details.

Roadmap Snapshots

Quickly customize your roadmap view and easily export it as a snapshot in .png format.

Release View Settings

Control which releases on your product roadmap are visible to your team.

Progress Tracking

View accurate, automated progress metrics for each release and feature on your roadmap.

Initiatives Roadmaps

Set high-level strategic plans and view progress across multiple products, releases and teams.

Executive Dashboard

Get portfolio-wide reporting across all initiatives, products, releases and features.

Salesforce Integration

Requests entered in Salesforce are automatically tied to revenue, account and other valuable data to inform product decisions.

JIRA Integration

Export your prioritized releases and features to JIRA, then view automated progress reporting to keep projects on track.

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Faster product roadmapping & planning

With Wizeline, we've cut the quarterly product roadmap & planning process from 2-3 weeks, to just under 3 hours.

Jaime Romero, CTO at WePow

Jaime Romero,
CTO at WePow

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