Tools for Product Success

Wizeline helps product management leaders make smarter decisions at every step in the product lifecycle.

  • Understand customer problems
  • Know where to focus your team's effort
  • Know which features are used most by your users
  • Centralize & share key product knowledge
  • Avoid product boondoggles

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How Wizeline Works...

Product Roadmapping

Easily create, share & update product roadmaps that keep your organization informed.

Fast Release Planning

Quickly groom your backlog and prioritize work before sharing your release.

Smart Prioritization

Prioritize using data on revenue potential, cost, customer feedback & more.

JIRA Integration

Export your prioritized features to JIRA & track development progress.

Workflow Automation

Save time and avoid duplication of effort with PM automation tools.

Requests Management

Effortlessly review, de-duplicate & prioritize requests via a single point.

A note from our team

As a product manager with a user experience background, I love data-driven decisions. I love knowing what our customers are saying, how many of them are saying it, and how much business value that represents to our company. And once a feature ships, I love accurately measuring its impact.

Wizeline is a platform that’s purpose-built for driving smarter product management decisions. If you’re a product manager looking for tools to save time, supercharge your current workflows, and garner customer love, I encourage you to give Wizeline a try!

Wendy Johansson, Wizeline’s Director of Product & UX

Wendy Johansson, Wizeline’s Director of Product & UX

Matt Vlasach, Head of Product at Wandera

Without Wizeline you’re just looking at a sea of feature requests, with no clear way of identifying what should be prioritized. Wizeline enables us to easily capture and evaluate feedback from our global team so we can quickly move on what matters most to our customers.

Matt Vlasach,
Head of Product at Wandera

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