Quantify Feedback with Wizeline Product Surveys

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  • Identify what matter most
  • Compare priorities between teams

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Quickly Capture Team Feedback

Wizeline product surveys allow you to poll members of your teams about specific features and functionality that you specify. In minutes, you can create a survey, send it to your team or other internal stakeholders, and begin to receive quantified feedback that can be used to inform your product decisions. Wizeline product surveys are mobile friendly and are available on Basic, Pro and Enterprise plans.

Reporting & Analytics

Use Wizeline’s survey reporting and analytics feature to evaluate results with your team. You can view overall results, which visualize a stack-ranked list of top features across all survey respondents. Or you can drill into review results in more detail, comparing your sales team’s top features to those of your engineering team, for example. You can even compare the responses from individual team members. Use these insights to help your stakeholders understand the tradeoffs involved in the product development process.

Prioritize Intelligently with Priority Scores

Powered by technology similar to Google’s pagerank algorithm, Wizeline product surveys produce a list of features that are clearly stack-ranked in descending order of importance according to your stakeholders’ responses. When planning, you can reference this product priority score on your feature backlog to identify the functionality that your stakeholders believe to be most important.

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