Data-Informed Product Strategy that Wins

  • Identify the biggest market opportunities
  • Collaborate and align on the right product strategy
  • Keep strategy on track with automated progress tracking

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Collaborate on Product Strategy

Initiatives in Wizeline provide a central place for effective strategy collaboration. You and your product strategy team can share data, validate ideas, and align on objectives before finalizing your high-level plans.

Watchers — team members who are invited to collaborate on an initiative — receive automated messages when new comments are posted, enabling responsive and real-time collaboration. Wizeline automatically generates a collaboration log on each initiative, making it easy to review comments for context behind each strategy decision.

Quantify Business Value and Set Smart Goals

Use your market and customer data in Wizeline to set informed, high-level business goals that bring together multiple teams, products and releases.

If regional expansion is key to driving growth in the coming year, for example, you can quickly review all features in your organization’s backlog that support this particular business goal. Integrate your Wizeline account with Salesforce to quantify the business impact of various product investments. Once your goals are finalized, visually communicate them to your teams via the initiatives roadmap in Wizeline.

Clearly Communicate Strategy Goals

Initiatives in Wizeline provide a clear, visual representation your high-level strategy objectives. As a result, your teams or individual business units are able to easily see how their work aligns to, and impacts, the overall goals of the organization. On the flip side, it’s easy for product managers to provide a clear status updates to executive stakeholders and others responsible for product strategy.

Wizeline's platform promotes transparency and accountability in the product development process, enabling your teams to focus on what matters and move fast.

Automatically Track Roadmap Progress

Wizeline makes it easy to keep your product stakeholders updated with accurate information. As your development team makes progress, Wizeline automatically visualizes these updates on each of your product’s roadmap. This information is also surfaced on the initiatives roadmap in Wizeline, giving your product strategy stakeholders accurate, high-level updates in real-time. Result: it’s easy to track progress towards your high-level business objectives or strategic initiatives.

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