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  • Share the right info with the right audience
  • Easily make updates when things change

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Quickly Create Visual Roadmaps

Wizeline roadmaps enable both bottoms-up and tops-down visualization of your product plan. Our software automatically generates a roadmap from the features you choose to prioritize in your releases — or you can quickly upload your backlog via .csv to create an initial roadmap in minutes.

Once your roadmap is ready, invite your team to explore the plan in a level of detail that you control. Wizeline makes it easy for stakeholders to understand which features were prioritized, which weren’t — and why.

Easy Roadmap Sharing

Wizeline offers a number of ways to share roadmaps with your team, customers, partners and other stakeholders. You can quickly export your entire roadmap to .png for sharing via email or inclusion in reports and presentations. Or use Wizeline’s roadmap snapshot feature, which enables you to zoom in and out, and expand or collapse releases, to create a customized view highlighting elements in your roadmap that relevant only for specific audiences.

To give your team continual access to your most up-to-date roadmap, invite them to your Wizeline account.

Maintain Control

Wizeline makes it easy to share the right product information with the right audience. For instance, you can invite users to your Wizeline account as Evaluators, then use view settings to control which releases are visible to them on the roadmap. Likewise, releases kept in “unprioritized” status aren't displayed on your roadmap; simply flip the toggle to "prioritized" when your plans are finalized and ready to be shared.

Align on Strategy

With strategic initiatives in Wizeline, you’re able to easily create high-level business objectives that span multiple products, releases, feature backlogs, and teams. Use this tops-down, goal-oriented plan to drive alignment, track progress towards goals, and automatically keep executive stakeholders updated on product strategy.

Initiatives in Wizeline are available on Pro and Enterprise plans.

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