Prioritize Intelligently with Customer and Market Data

  • Identify the biggest customer needs
  • Quantify business value and revenue impact
  • Prioritize what matters most

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Measure Market Demand with Requests

With Wizeline, you gain a single location for capturing all product ideas and feature requests, which saves time and provides a more comprehensive view into what your customers actually want.

As you accept requests into your feature backlog, each feature retains the total number of times it has been requested by customers or other stakeholders. When planning releases, you can reference this number to determine how much demand exists for each feature — or gauge the relative pervasiveness of the underlying customer need.

Quantify Business Impact & Revenue

Connect your Wizeline account to Salesforce and you’ll begin collecting valuable business insights. Your sales and customer success teams are able to quickly submit requests and product ideas without leaving Salesforce. Wizeline then automatically associates revenue, account name and other metadata to these requests, giving a clear view into which requests are most likely to increase revenue — and showing which existing features are selling most.

Rank Competing Priorities with Product Surveys

Use Wizeline’s product surveys to quickly capture and quantify feedback from your internal stakeholders. The surveys produce a priority score for each feature, making it possible to clearly rank them in order from most important to least important.

When prioritizing which features to build, you’re able to reference these scores in the Plan release view — or you can gain additional insights by reviewing the survey analytics report, which clearly outlines each team’s or individual’s top-ranked features. Use these insights to make informed prioritization decisions, quantify tradeoffs

A Prioritization Process that Fits Your Business

Wizeline makes it easy to tailor a product development and prioritization process that fits your organization. For example, you can organize your feature backlog according to custom values that are unique to your team. Examples include strategic impact score, new market growth, customer segment, region, persona and more. Your teams can then use these values to inform which features to prioritize for development.

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