Idea Management for Product Teams

  • Capture all product ideas & requests in a central place
  • Quantify number of requests, total revenue & more
  • Receive ideas via email, Salesforce & other systems your team uses

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Easily Manage All Ideas & Requests

With Wizeline, you gain a scalable platform for managing all the product ideas and requests from your customers, team members and other stakeholders. Unlike spreadsheets or other tools, Wizeline connects these requests directly to your feature backlog and prioritization process, ensuring a comprehensive view of overall requests volume and reducing the likelihood that valuable requests slip through the cracks or go unanswered.

Integrate with the Systems Your Team Uses Most

Connect your Wizeline account to Salesforce, Slack and other systems to enable your team to easily submit ideas without changing the way they work today. Wizeline automatically ingests relevant metadata to help product teams identify the relative importance of each idea or request. Via our Salesforce integration, for example, incoming requests are automatically tied to valuable customer information, such as account name, deal value, account manager and more.

Beyond existing Wizeline integrations, use our Requests API to connect your idea management workflows in Wizeline to any other system or environment.

Save Time & Keep a Clean Backlog

Using Wizeline, you can easily review incoming ideas and requests and opt to: assign them to a feature backlog; mark as duplicates by grouping them with similar requests; dismiss them; or send them back to the requests asking for more information. Each time the status of a request is changed, Wizeline can automatically notify the requester

It's also possible to maintain a ranked list of requests, which makes it easy to keep track of requests you deem worthy of attention but would prefer to gather more information before accepting them into your feature backlog.

Easily Keep Stakeholders Informed

Users whom you invite to your Wizeline account are able to submit requests directly within the platform. They’re also able to view all of their ideas and feature requests by status — which ones have been approved, dismissed, grouped or sent along to be reviewed alongside by other teams. Similarly, Salesforce users are able to view their requests both in Wizeline and directly within their Salesforce account.

Benefit: stakeholders are automatically kept updated on the status of their various ideas and requests.

Save time and plan intelligently with Wizeline’s idea management capabilities. Get started today!