Centralize and Streamline Your Feature Backlog

  • Centralize info on customer needs, market data & more
  • Collaborate and keep a log of decisions
  • Easily filter and navigate your feature backlog

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Get Organized for Fast, Intelligent Planning

The Wizeline backlog is a centralized inventory of items that your company could build or invest in. These items can be individual features, epics, stories, or engineering tasks. By default, each product in Wizeline retains its own dedicated feature backlog, which itself is connected to powerful idea management workflows.

You can use custom fields in Wizeline to organize your feature backlog around the dimensions important to your business — such as user personas, region, revenue impact, customer profile and other strategic considerations. Result: tidy backlogs that enable fast, intelligent planning.

Easy Backlog Filters & Search

Wizeline offers powerful backlog filters and search capabilities to enable product teams to find items quickly and easily. You can use standard filters for release name and feature status — e.g., upcoming, in progress, complete — or apply any number of filters drawing from custom field values. You can also use Wizeline’s backlog search function to surface features based on keywords relating to feature name, requester, customer or any other information.

Collaborate with Your Team

Wizeline supports commenting on features to enable greater collaboration and traceability in the product development process. When a comment is submitted on a feature, the team member who created the feature in Wizeline will receive an automated email notification. All subsequent commenters will also likewise be notified.

Use commenting to gain clarification on a customer use case, for example, or create a traceable log of your ideation process.

Intelligent Feature Prioritization

When determining which features you’ll prioritize for development, you can reference the data in your backlog to inform and justify your product decisions. Identify and prioritize features with the most requests, for example, or focus on the ones that are tied to the most revenue. Using custom fields on features, you can also prioritize using values that are unique to your team. Examples include overall impact score, strategic rating, customer segment and more.

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