Wizeline's intelligent platform enables teams to collaborate on strategy, create data-driven product roadmaps, and communicate clearly at each stage in the product lifecycle.

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Product Strategy

Use initiatives in Wizeline to share data, validate ideas, and align on objectives before finalizing your high-level plans.

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Idea Management

Effectively capture, organize and manage all the product ideas and requests from your customers, team members and other stakeholders.

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Product Roadmapping

Quickly create and share visual product roadmaps in Wizeline, and keep stakeholders informed with automated progress tracking and optional notifications.

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"Without Wizeline you’re just looking at a sea of feature requests, with no clear way of identifying what should be prioritized. Wizeline enables us to easily capture and evaluate feedback from our global team so we can quickly move on what matters most to our customers.”

Matt Vlasach,
Head of Product
Matt Vlasach, Head of Product
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Backlog Management

Wizeline’s backlog management tools make it easy to organize your feature backlog according customer and market needs, revenue impact, champion stakeholder, and more.

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Intelligent Prioritization

Gain a single, comprehensive view into what your customers actually want — and use data to select what matters most among your many competing priorities.

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Product Surveys

Quickly capture and quantify stakeholder feedback, then use this information to enable a transparent and data-driven approach to product release planning.

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Deftly move from planning to development and track progress on roadmaps in Wizeline


Get feedback and quantify demand for new products and features


Collaborate on feedback and submit product requests whenever great ideas happen

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