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Wizeline’s integration with Salesforce enables your team to clearly quantify the business impact of your customers’ product needs. Sales, Customer Success and other customer-facing teams are able to easily submit new product ideas and requests — and also "vote" on existing features in your backlog — without leaving Salesforce.

In Wizeline, this and other information are automatically aggregated to show which features are most important to which prospects and customers — and how much business value this represents to your team.

What you can do

Benefits for Product Teams

Gain a central place to review all ideas and requests, automatically segmented by Account, deal value, “must have” vs. “nice to have” status, and more.

Benefits for Sales Teams

Know why you’re winning deals, why you’re losing, and how much business value each represents. Plus, gain access to accurate product roadmaps and receive automatic reports when new features are delivered.

Benefits for Customer Success & Support

Gain a central location to review your customers’ top product requests by status: Pending, Upcoming/Accepted, In Progress and Complete. And never miss an update when new features are delivered with automated notifications.

Benefits for Executive Leadership

Receive reports that clearly outline which product investments drive — or could drive — the most revenue. Identify and act on big opportunities, or gain the confidence needed to kill an underperforming product line.

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