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Integrate your Wizeline account with JIRA Software to save time, gain clarity, and keep your plan on track.

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Pairing Wizeline with JIRA Software enables orderly, automated workflows between two key phases of product development and project management: planning and prioritization, which takes place in Wizeline, and development or project execution, which occurs in JIRA Software.

What you can do

Save time and avoid duplicate effort

Seamlessly transition between product planning and execution, and automatically track in Wizeline all status updates made in JIRA Software.

Keep stakeholders aligned with automated visual progress tracking

Establish a central location for your stakeholders to clearly understand project status once development commences.

Gain flexibility and control for enterprise scale

Connect planning in Wizeline to JIRA Software in a way that fits your current workflow, and track issues across multiple JIRA projects in a single portfolio dashboard in Wizeline.

Improve delivery with automated progress updates

Automatically see where your plan is on track, and where it’s behind, with progress reporting by point estimate, issue status, or both.

Wizeline Add-Ons for JIRA Software

Cloud JIRA

Last updated: February 25, 2016
Author: Wizeline
Versions supported: Cloud JIRA


Server JIRA

Last updated: February 25, 2016
Author: Wizeline
Versions supported: Server JIRA 6.3.4 or above