Product Lifecycle Intelligence at Scale

Wizeline's Enterprise Solutions combine our leading product intelligence software with our expert professional services, including custom development and data science consulting.

  • Improve strategy alignment
  • Know where to invest for growth
  • Know which projects to kill
  • Know which assets are driving product ROI

About Wizeline’s Solutions

Wizeline helps organizations establish a repeatable, data-driven process for making business decisions that win. Whether you're looking to cut product development waste, improve R&D effectiveness, develop an intelligent process for feature deprecation, or spark a culture of innovation across your organization, Wizeline can help you drive demonstrable results.

Our formula for enterprise success combines Wizeline’s powerful cloud-based technology with our expert professional services, which comprise business analysis and product strategy consulting, bespoke data science solutions, and custom development and deployments. We tailor each solution to fit your organization’s specific challenges and goals.

Product Innovation & Growth

Let’s face it: innovation doesn’t come easy. This is especially true at organizations where the number of stakeholders is large, the pace of decision-making is slow, and much of the focus is placed on supporting existing product lines. The good news: you already have the talent required in your ranks to unleash real product innovation. All you need is the right approach, strong will, and the right technology.

Wizeline brings transparency and efficiency to your strategic process, enabling the kind of nimble, data-driven decisions that get the best ideas successfully to market. Our innovation solutions include idea management, strategic planning and roadmapping, market needs assessment, rapid prototyping frameworks and more.

See how Wizeline helped Fairfax Media identify a new product/feature set to drive fresh revenue.

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ALM Intelligence

Application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions store valuable information, but are not built for product innovation. The key to new business opportunities might be hidden within product specifications, resource plans and operational logs, but such broad and dense information requires powerful intelligence—with the right context and focus—in order to bring the right answers to the surface. Working with Wizeline, you can identify the information that matters.

Our professional services team integrates existing systems with Wizeline to build your product intelligence platform. Our application lifecycle solutions provide data-driven prioritization, make predictive recommendations, and identify opportunities for innovative or incremental improvements throughout the product lifecycle—putting your data to work and making your technology investments more valuable.

Strategic Roadmaps & Transparency

Every effective strategy comprises three key elements: (1) Clearly defined goals; (2) Accurate and timely reporting on progress; and (3) A transparent and honest assessment of decision outcomes. Wizeline’s strategy roadmapping solutions help companies establish a data-driven and semi-autonomous process for incorporating these components into every critical business decision.

First, via Wizeline survey tools, market needs assessments, interviews and other means, our team helps you define strategic business goals.

Second, we connect and configure Wizeline to automatically report progress metrics from your existing systems, such as ALM or proprietary project management platforms.

Finally, upon implementation our solution provides analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs). Over time, knowledge gained from performance against these KPIs are used to drive more intelligent and comprehensive strategy.

Optimized Allocation of R&D

On average, companies spend about half their R&D dollars on products and features that are never released, never sold, or only lightly used. What’s worse, most executives don’t have the granular analytics needed to know which half of their development effort is wasted, and which half contributes to business growth and success. And this is to say nothing of the opportunity costs incurred by so-called "zombie projects"—initiatives that never deliver results but that continue to get funding, quarter in and quarter out. Luckily, there's a better way.

Wizeline Enterprise Solutions provides essential structure and process for easily tracking development estimates, actual costs, and returns. Armed with accurate product development ROI data, you’ll reliably identify which R&D efforts merit reinvestment and which should be retired. As part of our R&D tracking solutions, Wizeline professional services are available to provide data mining services, custom analysis and dashboards, as well as benchmarking and forecasting.