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Wizeline helps companies build winning products by making it possible to capture, analyze and share what customers really want.

  • Know which business units drive results that win
  • Know how your product roadmap will affect sales
  • Increase communication and collaboration
  • Avoid costly product failures

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How Wizeline Works...

Optimized R&D Investment

Identify product development waste & invest in areas that matter most.

Executive Console & Reporting

Gain accurate visibility into product development status.

Customer & Revenue Insights

Understand what your customers want & what will sell.

Product Lifecycle Intelligence

Define and track product success at each stage in the product lifecycle.

A note from our team

Wizeline is the solution I wish I had when I was running my first company. The platform provides the insights needed to confidently plan, validate and track the strategic direction of your company. Our Enterprise Solutions provide trusted technology and a proprietary process for answering complex questions, enabling your teams to move fast and deliver consistent results.

If we had a fresh $1 million in R&D, where should it be spent? Which business units are delivering the best results—and why?


How much money are we wasting on new product development? Where are our biggest opportunities for growth? Which products should we sunset, and when?

Wizeline's Enterprise Solutions provide a repeatable process for answering these types of questions with confidence. Most important, we make it easy to accurately track the outcome of each decision over time, so you can remain agile and course-correct in a manner that maximizes success.

Bismarck Lepe, Wizeline’s CEO & Founder

Bismarck Lepe, Wizeline’s CEO & Founder

Jaime Romero, CTO at WePow

With Wizeline, we've cut the quarterly roadmap planning process from 2-3 weeks, to just under 3 hours.

Jaime Romero,
CTO at WePow

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