Yahoo! is engaged in digital information discovery. The company focuses on informing, connecting and entertaining its users with its search, communications and digital content products.


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Yahoo! is engaged in digital information discovery. The company focuses on informing, connecting and entertaining its users with its search (Yahoo search), communications, including Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger, and digital content products, including Tumblr, and its four verticals, such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Lifestyle.

BrightRoll from Yahoo! delivers programmatic tools to help buyers and sellers make the most out of digital advertising. As the leading programmatic ad platform, BrightRoll enables the world’s biggest brands to exceed their video, display, and native advertising goals.



Yahoo!'s product marketing team for BrightRoll was responsible for determining which features should be built based on feedback from a vast group of global customers and internal stakeholders spanning sales, marketing and executive leadership. Their process relied heavily on spreadsheets, which required lots of manual effort and was prone to errors and duplication of work.

The process was also time intensive: to support their North America sales organization, for example, Yahoo!'s product marketing team spent several weeks traveling to capture feedback directly from account executives. Meetings typically took 2 to 3 hours each, and it wasn't uncommon for the product marketing team to meet with as many as 20 different internal teams in a given prioritization cycle.

"Wizeline helps us understand and quantify the market needs, and prioritize them intelligently as a team."

- Janet Huynh, Product Marketing

As the product marketing team captured more data, their spreadsheet-based process became more and more unwieldy — the backlog often comprised thousands of potential features, ranging in size from simple tweaks to wholly new workflows and functionality within BrightRoll's programmatic platform. Given the scale and the number of stakeholders involved, it was difficult to accurately track customer demand. In some instances, the validity of the product marketing team's data came under scrutiny.

After a marathon session of sitting together to aggregate feedback from a set of disparate spreadsheets, the product marketing team resolved to find a better solution. That's when Yahoo! sought out Wizeline.


Using Idea Management in Wizeline, Yahoo!'s product marketing team was able to easily capture and organize market feedback from their various stakeholder groups. A collaborative scoring system was implemented, whereby each regional sales team was able to easily generate a stack-ranked list of their customers' top product needs. These lists were aggregated in Wizeline and were ranked by team leads, a process that increased transparency, accountability and accuracy.

The new process dramatically increased efficiency and accuracy — rather than sifting through multiple spreadsheets to identify specific product requests or ideas, all the pertinent data was centralized in Wizeline.

When it came to determining which features and product functionality should be prioritized for development, the Yahoo! team had a comprehensive view of market data to make informed decisions. It was clear to them how much potential revenue might be delivered by each feature, for example, or where there were regional differences in market demand.

"Wizeline enables us to provide end-to-end transparency, all the way up to that thirty-thousand foot, executive-level view."

- Janet Huynh, Product Marketing

Armed with this data, Janet and team became more confident in their ability to make the right decision on behalf of the business. Moreover, they were able to clearly communicate to their stakeholders why certain projects and features were prioritized over others — no longer were these insights lost across multiple versions of spreadsheets, emails and other formats.



Using Wizeline, Yahoo!'s product marketing team has been able to reduce by 60% the amount of time required to capture market feedback and prioritize features for development. Moreover, they've been able to dramatically increase confidence in their recommendations and improve overall transparency and communication. As a result, the features and functionality prioritized using the Wizeline platform have driven significant revenue and customer value for Yahoo!'s business.

"Efficiency has improved dramatically."

- Janet Huynh, Product Marketing
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