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Wizeline’s product management software helps teams capture feedback and automatically identify what matters most to their customers.

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Capture Customer Feedback Everywhere

Collect requests and ideas in Wizeline, via email, in Salesforce, or in any environment via API. Wizeline provides a single platform to capture ideas and requests from your team, with tools for easily managing duplicates.

Focus On What Matters Most

Easily review and prioritize the most urgent or pervasive customer needs. Wizeline automatically captures and retains contextual data—like source, requester, and request frequency—so you can make informed prioritization decisions.

Better Customer Advisory Boards

Invite any stakeholders to contribute product requests and ideas. Wizeline’s algorithm automatically consolidates all input so you understand priorities across customers, teams and individuals.

Deliver What Customers Love

Enable higher customer satisfaction and engagement with no need to manually update spreadsheets or send emails. Automatic alerts notify your stakeholders to reach out to the right customers when key features are shipped.

Features for Streamlined Customer Feedback

Wizeline’s product management platform makes it easy to capture ideas and requests, survey your stakeholders, and share analysis of your top customer needs.

Email Requests

Capture feedback from the people that matter. Wizeline automatically organizes incoming requests and ideas by requester, origin, priority, and more.

Salesforce Integration

Requests entered in Salesforce are automatically tied to revenue, account and other measures of market pervasiveness.

Requests Management

Group, de-duplicate, rank, dismiss and prioritize requests from your team, and keep the right people updated automatically.

Stakeholder Surveys

Turn user feedback into stack-ranked lists of priorities across internal stakeholders and customers, broken out by team and individual.

Intelligent Feature Prioritization

Make prioritization decisions with data overlays on pervasiveness, revenue, survey feedback and more.

Automated Product Alerts

Automatically notify requesters when features are dismissed, accepted and delivered.

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Capture the Voice of the Customer

Our organization has a global presence with more than 100 scientists, engineers, and salespeople who interact with customers on a daily basis… all of whom provide different ‘flavors’ of the voice of the customer. Wizeline enables us to capture this feedback with ease, and act on it with confidence.


Eric Roy,
Product Manager at Rigaku

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