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Connect to Multiple Instances of JIRA

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

With our latest release, you can now connect products in Wizeline to one or more instances of JIRA. With this release, organizations like digital agencies, companies working with 3rd party development shops, and post-acquisition companies can map issues from one or more JIRA instances to a given feature in Wizeline. This means that you can automatically report on feature, release, and initiative progress within Wizeline even when contributions come from disconnected teams. And yes, this includes both Cloud and Server JIRA instance types. 

Additionally, you can give names to instances for easy reference (especially helpful for Server JIRA instances that have an IP address but no recognizable host name), as well as set default JIRA instances and projects for each product within Wizeline. Take a look at our Wizeline Docs covering JIRA integration setup and best practices for more information.


JIRA Multi instance

Choose a destination JIRA instance and project when creating an issue from Wizeline, or revert to default instance and project settings for fewer steps.

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